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22nd Jan 2017

This Italian Restaurant Will Make You Fall In Love With Pizza All Over Again


If there is one thing people all over the world tend to get passionate about, it’s pizza. The humble peasant food from Napoli comes in all shapes and sizes around the world, from slices sold on street corners to huge American franchises. 

No matter what, though, we can never get bored of pizza. 

Dublin has some great options and they’re improving all the time, but there is always room for more. 

One of our current favourites is Cirillos on Baggot Street nestled in between sushi joints, great Irish pubs and a large local workforce hungry for lunch and dinner options. 

They couldn’t really have picked a better spot, and one can only imagine dozens of boxes being carried into government buildings during tricky late night talks.

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Screen Shot 2016 05 17 At 14 26 42

This is proper pizza. Pizza Napoletana. They’ve even brought over a proper Italian pizzaiolo (fancy name for the chap who makes the pizzas) to make them as authentic as possible. 

The room is small, so unfortunately, there’s no sign of the pizza oven. This is a shame, because it adds to the theatre of enjoying a pizza, when you get to see it tossed around and cooked in front of your eyes. 

I’ve learnt my lesson over the years, so I no longer order a starter when having a pizza – although they did look good with various cured meats and a couple of nice sounding pastas on the menu. But, let’s be real – there’s no need for a warm up when you have a ton of carbs on the way now, is there? 

The pizzas themselves are simple and thats how I like them: minimal toppings, just relying on good sauce and some great quality cheese. The crusts are thick, which I love, but this might not appeal to everybody… I saw a few people pushing them to the side of the plate, which I’ll never understand because they’re the best bit!

What impressed me the most in here were the prices, given how the high rent must be in this popular stretch of town. You’d get in and out with a tap water for a tenner which makes it an attractive treat option for lunch during the week. With two pizzas and a couple of soft drinks, we had change from €30 which is super value for Dublin given the quality of food. 

I’ll certainly be back.

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Screen Shot 2016 05 17 At 14 28 42
Screen Shot 2016 05 17 At 14 28 17

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