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01st Jul 2017

This New Restaurant Serves The Very Best Pizza On All Of Dublin’s Northside


I’m on a never ending search for great pizza in Dublin. It’s the simplest meal in the world made up of flour, yeast, water, tomatoes, cheese and a couple of toppings yet it gives so many of us such uncontrollable pleasure. 

The multiple orgasm of the food world. 

Dublin has improved immeasurably in the last few years for world class pizza but for the most part they are found on the south side of the city. The ever reliable Paulie’s, the best meal I’ve ever had at Dublin Pizza company, Cirillo’s, Osteria Lucio and Manifesto

The pizza situation on the North Side of the city just isn’t great. I know this because I live in North County Dublin and my best bet is a drive to Di Mimmo or all the way across the city to one of the aforementioned spots. 

I’ve tried so many spots out this way but the experience has been a constant let down. Until now…

Screen Shot 2017 07 01 At 18 21 50
Screen Shot 2017 07 01 At 18 24 30

Pomordino is a tiny room on Swords main street. Blink and you’d miss it. This is a street where businesses and restaurants in particular come and go on a regular basis. The classic high street being eaten alive by shopping centres and chains. 

I counted about 20 seats in the restaurant which makes it super cosy and creates a great atmosphere but it worries me given how good the food is. How the hell is anybody going to get a table in here in future? 

The signs were all good on the pizza front including a wood fired oven, a pizzaiolo tossing dough in the air and the wonderful fresh smell of dough cooking at 400C+.

Screen Shot 2017 07 01 At 18 25 31
Screen Shot 2017 07 01 At 18 19 26

The other key sign on the menu was a Margherita Pizza DOP. To understand what that means you need to know what DOP stands for

A DOP pizza is one whose ingredients are all from Italy, from the regions in which those product names are protected. That would mean that the wheat flour, the olive oil, the cheese(s), the tomatoes, and the herbs are all from particular regions of Italy, not from elsewhere.

I ordered mine with a couple of slices of parma ham and what arrived was a masterpiece. Everything you could want in a pizza and arriving about four minutes after the order was placed. 

Screen Shot 2017 07 01 At 18 20 00

While enjoying the incredibly delicious pizza I nearly pulled a muscle in my neck straining looking at the dessert fridge right beside me. It looked incredible with baked goods in all shapes and sizes.

I went with the inevitable Cannoli which arrived on an unnecessary plate (I’d happily just devour it in my hands. It was fresh, delicious and the perfect treat after stuffing a pizza into my mouth.)

This place is an unbelievable find and is 100% going to be packed on a regular basis. The staff were all chatting in Italian and full of the joys of life making the place feel friendly and a lovely place to spend time in. 

I’ll be a regular and am delighted the North Side finally has some more world class pizza as it’s been a long time coming.  

Screen Shot 2017 07 01 At 18 20 12
Screen Shot 2017 07 01 At 18 20 28

Check this one out.

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