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01st Jul 2017

8 Deadly FREE Things You Should Do In Dublin This Weekend


It may just have been payday (Hallelujah!), but that still doesn’t mean you have to splash your cash this weekend to have a bitta craic in the city.

Dublin has a heap of surprisingly fun free things to do, from heritage sites and gardens to up-and-coming music gigs, all for freeeeee. <3

Here’s the best of what to do this weekend so that you’ll still have dollah bills left over at the end of the month. Magic.

1. Visit the Science Gallery

You’ve probably walked past it hundreds of times down on the corner of Pearce Street, but to not have actually visited it is a crime. 

Their current exhibition “SOUND CHECK” is all about the influence sound and music has on our lives and it’s well worth a visit.

2. Cycle a free musical bike

Ya slip ta bang is an interactive composition mapped over the streets of Dublin that will unfold for visitors as they ride ‘sonic bikes’ along specific routes of the city. 

Accompanied by electronic music, the composition tells the story of recovering heroin addict Lucy Dolan as she returns to the city, revisiting important places in her life – register for free here.

3. Visit Dublin Castle 

You probably pass tourists milling around Dublin Castle every day and never pay much attention. 

Not all of the attraction is free, but you’ll be able to access The Chester Beaty Library and The Revenue Museum with no charge.

4. Spend the day in Phoenix Park

One of the biggest open spaces a city could ever wish to have and packed full of amazing sights. 

Feed the deer, watch a cricket match, play football or visit Aras An Uachtarain

The place is so big that you’ll easy lose a whole day here exploring its nooks and crannies.

5. Stroll around a local market

Sure, you might be tempted to buy a few freshly baked treats while you’re here, but more often than not venders are very sound at doling out free tasting samples.

We love Marley Park market and Bushy Park.

6. Three Rock Cycle Loop

A classic route for Dublin cyclists (deceptively steep at first, admittedly), Three Rock ascends into a somewhat traffic-free road in the Dublin Mountains, with panoramic views across the city. 

You will need a bike for this one and all the info is here, along with some shorter cycle routes.

7. Check out a Motown gig

There’s a class 10-piece soul band playing all the 60’s Motown hits in The Bowery tonight for free – woohoo!

With three vocalists joined by a huuge brass and rhythm section, this will get you up dancing all night long.

8. The Dodder Walk

This is for the super easygoing/hungover of you who shriek at the thought of walking for hours on end. The banks of The Dodder boast views of some of the most tranquil and beautiful parts of the city’s south side.

It’s about a 3.5km walk from Bushy Park (which has a market on Saturdays) to The Dropping Well, with no need for proper walking shoes or maps or any of that carry on. Just beautiful walking for beautiful walking’s sake.

See, you can do quite a lot even on a budget. Other options include any of the fab museums or galleries in town, or venture out towards the Botanic Gardens.

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