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20th Dec 2016

What You Need To Know About The Breakfast Poutine At Taco Taco


One of the best new additions to Dublin’s brunch scene, Taco Taco on Dame Court boasts a menu you want to keep coming back to until you’ve sampled every item. And that’s what we intend to do!

This week, we’re turning our attention to that great Canadian wonderfood – poutine – and how the Taco Taco team have made this fit for brekkie.

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1. Why stop at one sauce when you can have three?

We all know poutine features gravy pretty heavily, but the folks at Taco Taco have added cheese sauce and black pepper sauce to the mix, too.

Surprisingly, it works.


2. ‘Poutine fries’ are more like poutine shovels

The menu lists fries as the base for this dish, but that seems inaccurate to me. The chips in this are massive curved slices big enough to serve as their own cutlery.


3. San Lorenzo has coco pops French toast; Taco Taco has this

By now, if you know anything about brunch in Dublin, you know that San Lorenzo’s most intimidating brunch item is their coco pops French toast. Don’t attempt unless you’ve fasted for a few days in advance. Standard.

This dish is the savoury equivalent over here at San Lorenzo’s younger sister. You’ll want to prepare before you eat this, and you won’t want to encounter any food again for quite some time afterwards, either.


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4. It’s breakfast, I swear. There are eggs and bacon!

Traditional poutine doesn’t sound much like a breakfast food, mostly because it’s gravy-drowned french fries and therefore is not breakfast at all.

Taco Taco, however, tosses streaky bacon and TWO FRIED EGGS on top. Voila. Breakfast. (If you’re looking for standard poutine, it is offered as a side dish on the dinner menu, too, sans eggs and bacon.)


5. It does not play well with others

My friend and I ordered this baby with a bloody mary, which was a huge mistake. Poutine stands alone. Don’t make it compete with a drink.


6. The price – and the playlist – are just right

This giant meal only costs €12.95 and is served up “brunch of champions” style alongside hip-hop jam after hip-hop jam on the speakers.

You’ll be dancing in your seat the whole time – never more than when the bill arrives.


7. If you’re willing to brave it, it’s really, really good

No part of “Homer’s Brunch,” as the menu calls it, is for the faint of heart. But the three sauces are beautiful together, the fries are delicious, the eggs on point, and the bacon crispy as can be.

It’s taken to extremes, yes, but, deep down, it’s good, old-fashioned comfort food. If that appeals to you, you should absolutely give it a try – just come armed with elastic-waist pants.