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13 Things We All Do Even Though We're REALLY Not Supposed To

By aidan

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Look, we're not perfect.

And we never claimed to be.

We regularly do things that, according to the Great Rulebook of Life, are technically verboten; and what's more, we know you do too.

But that's okay. You're among friends here.

1. Eating a whole 'share' pack of sweets


2. Licking a 9V battery

I defy you not to.


3. Leaving the electric blanket on all night


4. Giving a baby a lemon just to see what face they make

It builds character, okay?

5. Driving somewhere just around the corner

Because the shop is ALL THE WAY over there.


6. Boiling a full kettle just for one cup of tea

Because the sink is ALL THE WAY over there.


7. Ignoring credit card bills

To be fair, it's basically free money.

This Is Fine Meme

8. Putting empty milk cartons back in the fridge

I've vehemently denied to my family for YEARS that I've done this. 

Sorry mum.


9. Cycling through red lights

Yeah, no excuse for this.


10. Sleeping with our phones under the pillow

Something something radiation, something brain, something.

Sure what's the worst that could happen?


11. Listening to Justin Bieber

Increasingly okay with every passing day. But still.

Justin Bieber.

12. Replying to Katie Hopkins tweets

It feels good at the time. Just ask Mikeyboy.

13. And of course, hit the snooze button. Repeatedly.

Look. It wouldn't BE a button if it wasn't supposed to be used.



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