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20th Dec 2016

18 Movies To Watch Today No Matter What Your Romantic Status Is


Whether you’re all loved up today, or celebrating your singledom it’s a day to treat yo’self and others around you.

So make some microwave popcorn and throw on whichever of the following films are best suited to your love life at the moment… 

1. Knocked Up

If you or your loved one have got a bun in the oven.

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2. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. 


3. 27 Dresses

See above. 

27 Dresses

4. How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

When your dating track record ain’t the best.


5. He’s Just Not That In To You 

When you just can’t seem to get the message.

15 Hes Just Not That Into You Quotes

6. The Seven Year Itch

If it’s been a while since your last encounter.

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7. 10 Things I Hate About You

When you’re in a hate/hate relationship.

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8. Shallow Hal 

If you’re forever prioritising looking looks over love.


9. Never Been Kissed

For all the fridgits out there.

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10. 40 Year Old Virgin

Or the ones who never got past their first kiss.


11. 50 First Dates

For the ones who are struggling to find The One. 

Tumblr Mm01Qo7 Cjy1Rgw365O1 500

12. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Or the ones who are struggling to forget The One. 

Giphy 1

13. It Could Happen To You 

Some retro Nicholas Cage for the hopeless romantics out there.

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14. You’ve Got Mail 

A look at ancient online dating for any Tinder addicts – it was so much more effort than an ol’ swipe!

Tom Hanks Typing
Youve Got Mail Gif 148

15. The Wedding Singer

For those in the throes of wedding planning.

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16. Clueless

If you haven’t got a notion about dating, nor do you possess a functioning gaydar. 

Clueless Cher1

17. The Break-Up

Some light entertainment for anyone whose relationship seems to be on the rocks.

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18. Friends With Benefits

For the cajjjj couple completely in denial.

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