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20th Dec 2016

19 Reasons Why Puppies Are Better Than Baes


Ever see a puppy and feel so happy you could die?

Yep, us too. That’s puppy love, man, and you can feel it too – the DSPCA are looking for homes for some truly beautiful pups, and you can help them out while also getting a new best friend. 

And, they’re less high-maintenance than a partner. Just sayin’.

1. They’re always happy to see you


2. They don’t mind when you wake them up when you come in drunk

200 1

3. Puppies don’t care if you get fat

…they probably like it. 

200 2

4. You don’t have to share your duvet with them

200 3

5. They won’t give out to you if you leave your socks on the floor

They (once again) like it. 

200 4

6. You don’t have to impress them with expensive presents/meals

Regular old scraps will do. 

200 5

7. The love will never die

Intense, but true. 

200 6

8. The only game they play is tug of war

200 8

9. They won’t leave you for a younger model

Important, especially when things start to sag. 

200 9

10. Dogs don’t judge

Only love. 

And lick. 

200 11

11. They don’t take up much room in the bed

200 12

12. You never have to shave your legs

Fluff is key. 


13. They look like this

200 13

14. They don’t care what’s on TV

200W 1

15. They never cancel plans

200 1

16. They don’t take any time to get ready


17. Your parents are guaranteed to love them

200 3

18. They don’t have smelly football boots


19. And finally, you’ll always always get on with their friends too

200 7

Did this post make you want a puppy? 

Yep, us too. So, how about either picking one up at the DSPCA, or even making a donation for those of you who can’t commit right now?

With 96 new pups that need serious care, such as vaccinations, de-fleeing, deworming and microchips, on their hands, the DSPCA are under extreme pressure. You can make donations to help these adorable little pups here

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