21% Of Irish Say That Sex Without Consent Is Okay In Certain Circumstances

A shocking report reveals some truly horrific figures

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Europa.eu has both frightened us to our very core, and made us feel like we're back where we started from. 

Reports from a new Eurobarometer poll show that 21% of Irish (and 27% of EU respondents) think that having sexual intercourse without consent is acceptable in certain situations. 

The report goes on to say:

Eleven percent of Irish people (and 12% of EU respondents) say that being drunk or on drugs justifies sex without consent.

There was also a small number of Irish people who thought that walking home alone, wearing certain clothing and going home with someone made intercourse without consent acceptable. However, 97% of Irish and 96% of EU respondents said that violence against women was unacceptable.

Excuse us?! 

Walking home alone, wearing clothes deemed 'unacceptable'?

And who were the 3% of Irish and 4% of EU respondents who think violence against women was acceptable? 

Awful, awful stuff. 

We're shaken to our core. 

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Written By

Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin. kate@lovin.com