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26th May 2018

Five Of The Best Places In Dublin To Go For A Summer Walk


A good walk can be just the ticket to clear your head and de-fuzz your mind a little, when life starts to get too much.

We Dubliners are lucky in the way that a good walk is never far, and not to mention that the views are sensational enough to make you consider giving it all up to become a full-time nomad.

Here are five of the best summer walks you can do in and around Dublin, for those of you keen to shake off the cobwebs.

1. Ticknock Hill

Some of the best views of the city, as well as the home to some super-interesting human heritage, if that sort of stuff tickles your fancy.

The route itself is just under 6km which usually takes about two hours, with a full car park for those of you travelling far for those unbelievable views.

Ticknock Main

2. Howth Head

Immortalised in James Joyce’s Ulysses, this clifftop walk speaks volumes, and beautiful volumes at that.

The Howth Head peninsula boasts insane views of Lambay and Ireland’s Eye. And, if you’re feeling particularly fragile, you can follow the cliff path which spans a mere 3km, enough to clear your head and also with the added bonus of not making you want to die.

Keep an eye out for The Baily Lighthouse – the last of Ireland’s lighthouses to become automated. 

Howth Head

3. Tibradden Walk

Tibradden Mountain Trail is a nice mix of being totally doable when feeling fragile, AND the ability to leave smug as you like after having actually done something with your long weekend. Winning.

Also, The Merry Ploughboy at the end boasts some of the best chicken wings in all the land. Sure you’d be mad not to go.


4. Carrickgollogan Forest Walk

Cartographers call it Carrickgollogan; locals call it Kathy Gallagher.

Either way, the Lead Mines Way is a few minutes off the M50 and a cracking day out. Situated just off the Wicklow Mountains, it has views to die for that will leave you, and your Instagram feed, feeling satisfied. 

The loop is about 2.5km without detours so even your lazy mates can join in.


5. The Hell Fire Club

This route is for the adventurers and thrill-seekers of you. The Hellfire Club sits atop Montpelier Hill some 390 metres above Dublin city, and it has plenty of creepy history surrounding it.
Cracking views and an interesting background, you’d be mad to miss out on this one.

Hell Fire Club Dublin

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