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19th Mar 2018

8 Things You Will Relate To If You Get The Luas or DART To Work


For anyone who takes the DART, bus, Luas or any other form of public transport to work on a daily basis, you begin to notice the most random things that really start to get your goat. 

From obnoxious people to bad breath, there are a few things that any commuter will be able to relate to. 

The scurry for seats

Every day you pile onto the train, among the other fifty people also trying to get into the same carriage, and the pandemonium as you all fight for the same seat is real.

Strategically choosing your waiting spot 

After years of relying on public transport, you begin to realise that you need to strategically place yourself in the right spot for when the train/Luas arrives. 

This is essential so that you end up where the door usually opens, avoid the busy carriages, and secure a seat. 

Someone is ALWAYS eating loudly 


You grab a seat, make yourself comfortable and all of a sudden the lady beside you takes out a boiled egg (this is a true story) and starts picking away at it for the entire bus journey. 

Not only are you subjected to the sound of her chewing away, the smell of eggs will linger around you until she gets off at her stop. 


Prepare to be stared at 


As if being surrounded by tonnes of people at 8am isn’t bad enough, there always seems to be that one person that won’t stop staring at you.

And no, it’s not because you look good. (At 7:30am? Not possible) It’s purely because this person has nothing better to do than stare into your soul for an hour.

There’s a shortage of air 

Ever wondered what it would be like to no longer be able to breathe?

Step onto a rush hour Luas or train and you will find out. 

The combination of being crammed between the door and a swarm of people and breath of the man standing beside you, is not a pleasant experience. 

Prepare to be late for work 


It doesn’t happen often, but when the train shows up ten minutes late, it’s never a fun time. Anyone have deodorant on them? 

Getting plonked in the middle of a school tour 

Just when you think “Ah, this is great. A full carriage all to myself” a group of twenty school kids hop on and it’s like a pack of wild animals being unleashed into the wilderness again.

The absolute stress of trying to get off 


You’ve arrived at your destination, but the wall of people is blocking your way of getting out the door.

The best advice? Just keep pushing.