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20th Dec 2016

An Ode To Alan Rickman


News broke out that actor Alan Rickman has passed from cancer ages only 69 earlier today. His seemingly sudden passing will come as a shock to many, and give us an opportunity to look over the hundreds of incredible memories he has bestowed upon us.

We decided to compile a list of the pinnacles of his career, of which there were many, to soften the blow. 

A true king among men, ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis.

1. When he showed us how strong our feelings could be as Severus Snape 

Harrypotter Snape Clapping 360

2. When he proved that gentleman is how gentleman does in Sense and Sensibility 

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3. When he reminded us to never stop dreaming in Alice in Wonderland 

And he will continue to do so as the caterpillar in Alice Through The Looking Glass, released later this year. 

4. When he showed us the power of love in Love Actually 

Even though he got a little bit lost along the way.

635841601425431037626742170 Love Actually Alan Rickman 360

5. When he set the standard in Sweeney Todd

Tumblr Loayk22tqw1qhfa8m 360

6. When he acted as one of the most malicious villains we ever encountered in Die Hard

Tumblr Le0zo9ifwm1qcig1w 360

7. When he brought us to our knees as The Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin hood

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8. When himseld and Rowan Atkinson stole the show in the most simplest of scenes

9. When he was funny enough to warrant a place on Family Guy

10. When he showed us even in 11 seconds, just how dedicated to his craft he was 

Alan Rick Hd00001 By X7994 D6y0ral 360 1

Thank you Alan Rickman, a true hero amongst men. 

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