Bored already? We've renamed these Dublin spots to give them a Christmassy edge

By lovindublin

December 25, 2020 at 12:01pm


It goes without saying that the northside as a whole should be completely known as 'The North Pole' for the month of December while Grafton Street will become 'Quality Street' and people will be forced to wade through thousands of sweets as they commute home from work each day.

But what about the rest of the county:


This works for anything with a bel at the start or end of the word. For example, Jingle-Belcamp, Jingle-Belgee, Jingle-belfied. The list goes on.

'Tis the season to be jolly, Tallaght-la-la-la-la-la-la

Decorate the digger with holly fa-la-la-l...actually no maybe lock that in the shed just in case.




Rein-Deer Park

Imagine Santa's chauffeurs just taking over the gaff in Howth for the month of December. We doubt they'd be much use at Golf though...

Merri-ment Street

Turn Merrion Square completely white from December 1st and just let people run amuck drinking mulled wine at 1pm in the day of a Tuesday - marvelous.



When the Beast From The East broke out, a massive Northside v Southside fight was arranged for O'Connell Bridge.

If we get a white Christmas this year, we think both sides of Dublin should team up and go head-to-head with anyone born outside of Dublin.

A massive fight to the death spectacle in the Aviva Stadium, stones inside the snowballs are allowed.

"Come they told me, Dundrum-da-dum-dum"

So many shops to see, Dundrum-da-dum-dum



We'll just mount a big massive mo-fo of a Santa Claus on top of Sandymount Hotel that can be seen from Mars.

It'll become the Christmas spire.




Where we'll all go into hiding on January 5th when we realise we've spent well over a €1,000 in the space of one week.

Merry Christmas!


Some honourable mentions include:

  • Santry Claus
  • Jinglas
  • Carols Cross
  • Maungier Street
  • Sallyeggnoggin
  • Santa Claus is Crumlin To Town