Everybody Panic – Dublin Is An Apocalyptic Fog Pit Right Now

This is the end


This fog has been with us now for more than 24 hours – so we have no choice, really, but to concede that this is the end.

And descending as it did on All Saints' Day, this is as sure a sign as any that the dead are about to rise and claim the souls of the living.

Which is a bit shit, really.

Here are 11 images from the last 36 hours that prove we're all doomed. Goodbye.

1. Amen, Johnny. Amen.

2. Disregard the chirpy caption. They're clearly aligned with the undead.

3. A mist from which anything could emerge

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4. A demonic (yet still oddly adorable) dog

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5. Mark knows where it's at

6. What's that coming over the hill?

7. Once again... The Cute Doggy Of Doom

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8. That creepy green

9. That's an optimistic way of looking at it. It's far more likely that it's because we're all about to die, though

10. Where even are you, Pigeon House?

11. Braver souls than we, willingly heading out into the open