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PIC: An RTÉ 6 Nations Commentary Bingo Card Has Been Created – And It’s Absolutely Spot On

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6 Nations fever has gripped the country tightly, there’s no denying that. And with this fever reaching new heights, we have supporters coming out in droves.

However, with supporters comes phrasing, and with phrasing comes utter babble – and this handy Commentary Bingo Card will allow you to tick off each box even before some matches begin!

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Shared on Reddit by user theCulk, this handy card hits the nail on the head when it comes to RTÉ 6 Nations commentary.

Everything is in here. From ‘early pressure’ to ‘immense’, ‘mercurial’ to ‘French flair’, and everything in between. Even the infamous ‘up the jumper’ makes an appearance.

We don’t know about you, but we simply can’t wait to hear them being repeated one by one come game day.

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