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07th Jan 2017

PIC: This Slice Of Ham Is The Next Big Optical Illusion Of 2017

Alana Laverty

First came the gold and blue dress illusion, then more recently we were scratching our heads over the five girls with four sets of legs. 

And now? A packet of feckin’ ham. 

WHAT is going on here?!

*warning this may cause motion sickness*

Screen Shot 2017 01 07 At 11 32 18

Credit: Reddit

Simply captioned, “This sliced ham looks like it’s out of focus,” on Reddit

And that’s exactly it. 

Give it a good stare if it doesn’t seem obvious to you at first. It’s definitely feckin’ blurry. 

The picture is in focus, but the ham is not. WTF. 

Can anyone explain to us what on earth is going on here?

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