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20th Dec 2016

13 Relevant And Brilliant Names To Call Your Dog in 2016


It was once said that to name something is an act of love – and it’s true.

However, to name something you also want to seem hip, cool and down with the kids. 

Here is a small selection of clever canine names relevant to the past few months, worthy of any noble steed…

1. Trump

For the pooch who’s a bit of a dope.

200 4

2. Sheesha 

In honour of one of Ireland’s greatest exports, Saoirse Ronan.

3. Snape

To honour a great.


4. Kundalini

Namaste, bitches.

200 1

5. Sass

In order to promote further sassy behaviour in 2016 and beyond.

200 5

6. Boom

It is back, after all.

200 3

7. Avery

It’s the very least you could do.

200 6

8. Tinder

For this pup could break your heart if he really wanted to.


9. Arsemuck 


200 7

10. Blindboy

Or, equally as effective, boatclub.

200 8

11. Pudding

Cute, ideal if they’re black or white AND destined for greatness as it’s a superfood.

200 9

12. Notorious

If your dog looks like they could take you down in 13 seconds.

200 10

13. Teresa

Because dogs with people names are hilarious. And it will give you a reason never to forget this.

200 11

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