Bressie's Dublin Diary


We're huge fans of Bressie here in Lovin Dublin HQ, especially after his raw and honest speech at our live show. He's a seriously cool guy and so I sat down with him to ask him his favourite spots in the city so we can check them out for ourselves.

So Bressie, where is your favourite spot for brunch in the city?

When I'm hanging I love a brunch and it's hard to argue with San Lorenzo's for brunch. They do a chorizo thing I like. I love anything with chorizo, if you fucked it on top of cornflakes I'd eat it. Their nutella cheesecake is incredible too.


They're owning brunch at the moment to be fair. Where is your favourite place for a dinner out?

I like Rustic Stone. For me dinner out isn't about fancy restaurants, I like somewhere that has a bit of atmosphere where you can just relax with your friends. The best thing about Rustic Stone is their sides, they even have healthy chips.


Is there such thing as healthy chips?

Yes, they're not even made of potato. I don't really know what they're made of but they're good.

Well if you're into unhealthy chips you should check out the million dollar fries in Bear, they're epic.

I have actually heard a lot about them, I need to try them.


What Dublin pub are we most likely to find you in?

It depends really, I love Neary's just off Grafton Street. It's a great place for a pint and the staff are lovely. I love the Long Hall too. Toner's is my local, so I head there a lot. If I was heading out for a bit of banter I'd go to the Blackbird in Rathmines. The drummer from the Blizzards manages it, the guy who set it up (Paul McNulty) also set up P.Macs, he's by far the best bar developer in the city.


They're some really good spots for a drink. If you had a day off in Dublin?

This is going to sound really boring but I love cycling. I know so many people who live in Dublin who have never went to the outskirts like Dalkey, Killiney, Howth. There's nothing better than going out there cycling for the day. They're incredible parts of the country. If you want to just grab a bike for the day and go out, they're great places to go.


Where's your favourite place in the city for coffee?

It's my only vice and addiction. One of my locals, Coppa. It's so handy. There's so many cafés in Dublin now and people always rave about the coffee, but I can't really tell the difference. I know coffee is an art form but I just like it because it makes me feel awake.


I hear you, I feel like a social pariah because I don't drink coffee. Thanks for your time Bressie, you've some nice spots there for us to check out and we look forward to catching up with you in the New Year.

To watch Bressie's hugely powerful speech on battling his mental health issues click here.