PICS: This Shed In Lucan Will Cost You €700 A Month To Rent

Take a peek inside...

Shed Main

Every once in a while you come across an ad on a rental site that makes you stop and shake your head miserably. This is one such ad.

Located in Lucan, this 'outdoor lodge cabin' is going for €700 and, we're not gonna lie, it looks grim enough. 

According to the ad, the shed-like abode comes with a microwave, a kettle, a toaster, a washing machine, and is en suite.

Although we're not sure if it counts as en suite if you're living in an actual outhouse.

Shed 1
Shed 2
Shed 3
Shed 4
Shed 5

Apparently the owner thinks this place would suit "a single lady that has a career and works full-time". 

Have you ever encountered a worse deal on a house hunt? Let us know in the comments.

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