The Top 10 Photos Spotted On #Lovindublin This Week

A big week for our little island

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Every week we're amazed at the quality of the photos you guys share on Instagram's #lovindublin hashtag and as it approaches 100,000 photos, the standard just keeps on going up.

This week has seen an improvement in the weather which means gorgeous sunsets, the first signs of spring, and people getting out and about a little more. 

Make sure to keep tagging your own photos, and count yourself lucky if you live in this gorgeous little city. 

We're lucky enough to live here

Friends at sunset

An iconic bridge

Home of the black stuff

Prime position for the parade

All of the lights

Lovely view of the quays this evening #☘ #LovinDublin

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Like an ice rink

Gritty black and white

A perfect start to the day

A little baby going for a swim in Dublin Zoo

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Niall Harbison

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