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20th Dec 2016

Something To Satisfy Your Inner Cookie Monster – Pops & Jules


If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for your next fix then you need to try out Pops and Jules gourmet cookies. I was wandering through the flea market in the Grand Social on Saturday when I walked passed their stand and had to try them out. Well if I’m honest I walked past it twice until my will power crumbled and I ran back to buy a few.


Pops and Jules is a gourmet cookie company set up by two girls who are evidently true cookie monsters. Pops and Jules met in college and after graduation and a stint on Great Irish Bake Off, they decided to set up a cookie company with a twist. Their stall in Grand Social was a once off but they’re usually found in the Blackrock Farmers Market, but you can keep up to date on their Facebook page to see where they’re selling from next.


Their cookies were delicious and had an amazing range of flavours. I tried one of each (hey, it was research!). The ones I tried were the ‘Father Jack’ which was a mix of espresso, dark chocolate and walnut, ‘Spread The Love’ which was a flourless nutella cookie, ‘The Ranelucky’ which was a cranberry, coconut, pecan and chocolate cookie and ‘The Pinkie Pie’ which was a mix of raspberry, white chocolate and mint.


The cookies themselves are more chewy than crunchy but taste delicious. Apparently they also make a bacon cookie if you’re a bit more adventurous. My favourites were definitely the Father Jack and the Spread the Love cookies, but I am a bit of a chocoholic. You can buy them individually for by the bag and I reckon it’s only a matter of time before the likes of Fallon and Byrne, Wilde & Greene and the likes start stocking them. If you’re over the cupcakes and the macaroons and are looking for your next sugary fix then definitely try these out.