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02nd Sep 2021

Sourdough September is back and better than ever

Katy Thornton

From those who know bread best.

September 2021 will mark the 8th year of Sourdough September hosted by Bread 41. What is Sourdough September you ask? Simply speaking, it is a month in which we celebrate all things sourdough! This variation of bread is known to be good for gut health, and Bread 41 is here to educate us about it.

Bread 41 now hopes to push the #createrealbread initiative, hoping to get more people into their kitchens. Last year they provided 6,000 starters to encourage baking from home, and this September they will continue to educate on all things bread. They hope that this will encourage shoppers to look for locally baked breads as opposed to mass produced loaves in supermarkets.

So there you go. How are you going to celebrate Sourdough September?

Header image via Instagram/bread41

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