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20th Dec 2016

The Takeaway Challenge – Dublin’s Best Thai Green Curry


I normally like to focus on restaurants for reviews but given that we were busy launching our new app and all working late in the office we decided to review some of Dublin’s takeaways. We picked a standard order of a Thai Green Curry, fried rice and a can of coke and tested them according to ease of ordering, speed of delivery, taste, price and the overall experience. There are other takeaways of course, but the ones we chose were the ones in our area and between them they cover a large percentage of the capital. So here are our top 4 Green curries in the capital…

4th. Saba To Go

Saba did everything perfectly with their order in terms of ordering and delivering it and even threw in some of their mega crackers and a little dip to get us started which always works well. Where this fell down was the curry. The sauce was so thin that it poured out onto the plate like water. The veggies weren’t great either so it felt like one big let down. A bad batch maybe?

Order time: 17:38

Curry: €11.25

Rice: €0.25

Coke: €1.20

Delivery charge: €3.50

Total: €16.20

Delivery time: 18:21

Time taken: 43 minutes


3rd. Diep

I do have to start by saying that Diep had a huge advantage as their closest outlet was only a couple of hundred yards from the office and that showed in the delivery time. Decent curry and really good rice with sauce being just slightly on the watery side. A great curry but not quite as good as the two above it on the list.

Order time: 17:32

Curry: €11.50

Rice: €0.50

Coke: €1.25

Delivery charge: €2.50

Total: €15.75

Delivery time: 17:43

Time taken: 11 minutes


2nd. Neon

Neon’s curry was really wonderful with a perfect consistency to the sauce and a nice kick to it all. Crackers with a spicy dip were the perfect ‘free’ starter and the veggies were super crunchy and fresh as well.

Order time: 17:41

Curry: €11.50

Rice: €1.50

Coke: €1.20

Delivery charge: €2.50

Total: €16.70

Delivery time: 18:24

Time taken: 43 minutes


1st. Siam Thai

Siam Thai was actually the winner by some distance. Everything was spot on here from the quick and efficient order and speedy delivery right through to the price and free crackers served with a dip that made a perfect little starter. What won it for them by a mile though was the curry. Full of big flavours, an epic sauce and lovely fresh and pungent ingredients.

Order time: 17:46

Curry: €11.45

Rice: €1.00

Coke: €1.20

Delivery charge: €1.50

Total: €16.65

Delivery time: 18:11

Time taken: 25 minutes


It’s important to remember that the standard of takeaways can be up and down and depend on a huge variety of factors from the chef through to delivery person and even traffic. We are only reviewing based on one sample at one time. We’ll keep doing this with different dishes to keep on ranking your favourite takeaways.