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08th Feb 2018

This Little Place Serves Up The Most Droolworthy Pizza – And Hardly Anyone Knows About It


George’s Arcade is one of the most interesting nooks in Dublin – packed with unique gifts, homeware, books and trinkets. 

It might not be the first place you’d think to go for a sit-down meal, but at the Drury Street end (opposite the vintage shop) is one of the tastiest pizza restaurants I’ve tried in a long time. 

What used to be Dave’s is now “Checkpoint Pizza”, with an expanded menu but a similar set-up. 

It’s still a work in progress – they haven’t got around to redecorating the outside yet and don’t have a till, so bring cash. 

On the inside, it’s small and simply furnished, with basil plants, exposed bulbs and a print of the Arcade on the wall.

The seating consists of two benches and three high tables with stools. 

I’ll warn you now – the high tables aren’t the most comfortable, so if you’re planning on sticking around for a while you should try to get a bench.

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In the centre of the restaurant is a magnificent wood-fired oven, so customers can watch their pizzas being prepared and cooked as they wait. 

There are six different types of pizza on the menu, or you can choose your own toppings. 

They have twenty different topping options, including everything from capers to pesto, so you have free reign to create the perfect combo. 

I got the “Route”, a ten-inch pizza with chorizo, garlic, chili and rocket. 

It came lightly charred at the edges, with a generous helping of chorizo – and not an overload of rocket, which happens all too often in this cruel world. 

It wasn’t too spicy, and the fresh garlic was a lovely addition. 

The light, crispy crust meant I was actually able to finish the whole thing and didn’t feel sluggish for the rest of the evening, like I do with big doughy pizzas. 

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My sister got the chicken wings, which were thickly coated in sauce and came with a blue cheese dip. 

They arrived steaming hot and thankfully weren’t too spicy either – she also gave them the thumbs up.

The whole time we were there, the staff were friendly and attentive, checking on us and chatting about their new venture. 

“I poured my heart and soul into your pizza,” joked the chef – but he actually seemed genuinely interested in whether I was enjoying it. 

The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant, and you can watch people go to and from in the Arcade through the big windows. 

They have free WiFi so you can hang about and get some work done, but if you’re in a rush they also do take-away. 

The icing on the cake, though, is the price – you can get a ten-inch pizza with two toppings for just €7, and add fries and a drink for €9.50. 

The other pizza options on the menu are between €7 and €9 (€9 with a drink across the board). 

That’s a whole lunch or dinner for under a tenner, which is pretty sweet. 

So whether you’re looking for an quick and affordable meal, a casual place to catch up with friends or a break from shopping, Checkpoint Pizza could be right up your street.

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