This Might Be The Most Relaxing Thing You Can Do In Dublin Right Now

By niallharbison

October 22, 2017 at 8:12am


I'm in love with Thailand

Anybody who has been there will understand the sheer beauty of the country, the people, the food, the vibes and for me above all else...the massages. 

Thai massage is very different to other massages. 

First, you have the stigma. When I first tell people of my love for Thai massage I'm nearly always met with "happy ending eh?" 

Which just ain't the case. 

The reality when over there is a massage that costs around €4 you walk out feeling like brand new. 

Unfortunately, the economics of having massages in Ireland mean a Thai massage will cost you between €50-70, meaning it is a special treat rather than something you could afford daily - which I'd love.

There are a few dotted around the city. Often only a small room with nothing more than a table. The standard varies, and some of them claiming to be the real thing are about as Thai as I am.

I was delighted to see Massage on a Barge opening a while back and marvelled at the sheer inventiveness of creating something like this in between the shiny Silicon Docks. 

The boat has been totally kitted out with three beautifully decorated rooms with a slick finish. As soon as you step inside, you leave your problems on the dock. 

The physical experience of stepping out onto water helps you escape the real world that little bit more, which is what massages are all about.


While there are a bunch of therapies on offer including foot and head massages, I was here for a traditional deep Thai massage. 

This involves powerful elbows into the back, people walking on you and what can at times feel like a physical workout. 

For some, it is an absolute nightmare. 

If you don't like being touched, are ticklish or can't take pain then a Thai massage is not for you. 

The practitioners on the boat are top class. It is the real deal and I'll be back here on a regular basis. It's the last thing that I would have expected somebody to come up with, but it fits right in. 

Small, innovative Irish businesses like this are the ones that I love to see thrive and I think this one really will.

If you want to experience a small bit of Thailand in the heart of Dublin head down to Massage on a Barge.

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