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19th Jun 2018

Gary Lineker Wasn’t Too Impressed With A Dublin Radio DJ’s Comments About England Last Night

James Fenton

If you felt a ripple of excitement coming over the Irish Sea last night it was probably caused by ecstatic celebrations in England at the end of their last-gasp World Cup victory over Tunisia.

Leading the way was the BBC’s football anchor Gary Lineker who was heard to let out a roar in the studio after Harry Kane’s late header…

It’s fair to say that the BBC pundit and the nation in general were delighted with the result and why wouldn’t they be? They weren’t shy about saying so either, whether that was in the studio or online leading to some people airing the opinion that England fans should pipe down on their celebrations a bit. This tweet by 98FM’s Dublin Talks presenter got a few backs up…

He had a point to be fair. It wasn’t long before Lineker himself got wind…

While others were equally unimpressed…

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Jeremy then attempted to wrap things up before Lineker got involved one last time…

All in good spirits no doubt but there’s nothing like the World Cup for fanning the flames even if we’re not involved.

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