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15th Aug 2017

PICS: Could This Sign Spotted At Dublin Horse Show Mean That The Boom Is Back?

Alana Laverty

Serious Celtic Tiger vibes in the last month with the Galway Races and now Dublin Horse Show in full swing. 

Expensive outings, one would imagine, from food and drinks to hitting the town after. 

But this is taking the luxurious glitz and glamour of the whole thing a step too far. 

Hotdogs for €12 and burgers for €14 were spotted on offer at The Intercontinental’s Ice Bar BBQ by Alex O’Mahony at Dublin Horse Show. 

Almost DOUBLE the price of a Bunsen?! At a BBQ?

They would wanna be one hell of a hotdog/burger at that price. 

Thanks to Alex O’Mahony for sending this our way. 

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