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27th Dec 2022

The Lovin team’s all-time fave cafés in Dublin

Katy Thornton

dublin cafés

The New Year is a time of reflection, and the Lovin team is reflecting on our fave coffee spots.

Ever wondered what the top cafés are to the Lovin Dublin team? We have put together a little list of our absolute fave coffee spots in Dublin, our absolute go-tos. This was not an easy list to make; one thing we’re blessed with in Dublin is a wealth of cafés all over the county. But we did our best.

So here we go. In honour of the New Year, here are (*some) of the Lovin team’s very favourite Dublin cafés.

Katy’s fave cafés

The Cosy Bean

Location: Churchtown

If you know me personally, or read any of my articles, you’ve probably noticed me mention The Cosy Bean. It’s hard to believe they’ve only been open for two years now; I’ve already visited them more often than nearly all my favourite spots combined. They do a lovely coffee, as well as the best (quite the statement, and I don’t say it lightly) almond croissants in all of Dublin. Cosy Bean also stock sambos, sausage rolls, and other delicious baked goods that they make in house.

To top it all off, they’re also extremely dog friendly, having a jar of treats and a water bowl ready for your furry friend.

Soren & Son

Location: Dean Street

Soren & Son has quickly surpassed many of the other cafés in my life. Not only is the Hygge inspired interior a lovely spot to sit and realise things (Kylie Jenner style), they do a mean cup of coffee. They even ask what beans you’d like upon ordering. Soren & Son have also just started serving acai bowls in-store, just to make them even better.


Location: Goatstown 

Sam’s of Goatstown was an important Lockdown #1 find, as it quickly became one of the only locations I could travel to without breaking covid restrictions. Their staff are always super chatty, and they’re dog-friendly too, armed with treats and water bowls for your little companion. I spent many a morning sitting outside Sam’s catching up with friends when we could only meet outdoors, and for that, they’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Plus, they do a damn good coffee. Definitely one of the cutest cafés worth celebrating.

The Morning

Location: Pleasants Street

This takeaway coffee hatch used to be Meet Me In The Morning, and it’s my regular coffee stop-off spot on the short commute from Luas to office. Always a pleasant way to begin an office day, I’ve quickly discovered the days I don’t stop at The Morning tend to be less enjoyable than the days I do. They have a range of pastries and focaccia as well for when my typical banana and yoghurt combo just won’t cut it for breakfast.

Emily’s fave cafés

Clement & Pekoe

Location: South William Street

You always remember the place that gave you your first “ah-ha” coffee moment. After years of being a dedicated tea-drinker, taking the odd sip of Nescafe gold blend and wincing, when I tried coffee from Clement & Pekoe my coffee journey commenced. The coffee is on the lighter end of things, subtly made using a revolving cast of beans. The cafe itself is incredibly chill, with loads of space to relax in, and the bench out the front has to be one of the best spots to sit in town on a sunny day.

Shoe Lane 

Location: Tara Street

I had the great privilege of working near Shoe Lane in a previous role, and grew terribly fond of getting my coffee from Shoe Lane each morning. The coffee was always perfect and the staff were always so friendly and enthused by what they did.

Coffee District 

Location: James’s Street 

In a previous role, I set about finding out the best coffees in Dublin 8, which led me to umpteen cafes in the area and caused me to drink an unheard-of amount of coffee, but hands down the best coffee imo was from Coffee District. The tiny cafe near St. James’s Hospital sells some of the best coffee I’ve had in Dublin, light, subtle and extremely well made by dedicated staff.

Tríona’s fave cafés

One Kinda Folk

Location: Ranelagh 

Who can resist a café with a gorgeous of a setting as One Kinda Folk? Ranelagh’s secret garden is one of the best spots for a coffee in Dublin, ideal for a sunny wholesome day of exploring. They also do some great pastries, so definitely worth a mention on this list.

Bold & Brass

Locations: Clontarf & Sandyford

While I used to frequent them when they were based in D6, I’m delighted they’ve set up roots in Sandyford, and that their Clontarf location is still thriving. Not only is the coffee amazing at Bold & Brass, the staff are super friendly too, which always adds to the going for a coffee experience.

South Bank Café

Location: Harold’s Cross

One of my fave places not just for a coffee, but to work out of the house on WFH days. South Bank Café have a great spot for people-watching, when you just want to put the phone down for a few minutes, and take in the taste of a great cuppa Joe.

Sister Ray

Location: Rathmines

Anyone who has been to Sister Ray will understand why it’s been chosen for this list. Not only is the food class, the coffee vibes are also immaculate, making it definitely a café worth visiting on International Coffee Day.

Fiona’s fave cafés

The Cheeky Piglet

Location: Fumbally Square

Another oft-frequented spot by the Lovin team, this is one of the friendliest, most welcoming cafes you’ll ever step into – if you’re lucky, you’ll even be greeted by the cat that frequently visits, knowing well that there’s a bounty of treats waiting for him behind the counter. Serving up Two Fifty Square coffee, these guys also have an extensive menu packed with comfort food to get you through difficult days at the office – breakfast baps, warming soups, they’ve got the lot.


Location: Shankill

As a Shankill native, I have to give a shout out to Inhale – the creme de la creme of Dublin 18 cafes. Parked up on an unassuming residential street, these guys spend the day baking some of the tastiest sausage rolls, croissants and cookies you’ll ever come across – the delicious waft from the place will attest to that. They’ve always got time for a chat while pouring out your 3fe brew, and if you’re into your PSL’s, theirs is the best I’ve ever had.

Flower & Bean

Location: Cork Street 

A new addition to the already thriving Dublin 8 coffee scene, Flower and Bean are quickly establishing themselves as a go-to neighbourhood spot with freshly baked treats, fresh apples for just a euro a pop and a passionate team who really know their coffee.

If you’re looking for some new cafés to try out in 2023, we hope we’ve provided sufficient inspiration.

Header images via Instagram/inhalecoffeebar & /shoelanecoffee