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07th Sep 2021

You have to check out these amazing sand sculptures at Dublin Castle

Katy Thornton

Who knew that sand sculptures could have such a huge impact?

The Fleeting Sculpture exhibition outside Dublin castle is quite spectacular. Irish sculptor Daniel Doyle has made his life work out of the elements, mainly sand, ice, and snow. His brand, Fleeting Sculpture, translated from the Irish name Duthain Dealbh, is in the pursuit of creating ephemeral art. This kind of art is fitting given the world we live in, where a Snapchat or Instagram story only lasts 24 hours. In this way we can see why sand appeals to Doyle.

He created Fleeting Sculpture with his friend Niall Magee back in 2001, five years after graduating from DIT. Together they have won several competitions. They both worked on this exhibition outside Dublin Castle, sticking to the theme of ‘Regather’ following the Covid-19 pandemic. The theme focuses on rebuilding for the better, and making changes as a collective unit.

The exhibition will remain outside Dublin Castle until the 18th September, so make sure you check it out before then! You can have a look at more of Doyle’s work on his website here.

Header image via Instagram/ann.bruen

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