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16th Aug 2017

8 Tips On How To Avoid Becoming A Couch Potato This Autumn


Sadly, the mild summer days are coming to an end and with cold rainy days comes the strong desire to stay indoors.

And we all know what that leads to. 


Sometimes it’s hard to find motivation to do things and all you want to do is sprawl out on the couch, stick on the telly with some munchies and not move. It’s perfectly acceptable to do from time to time, but you don’t want it becoming a habit.

Here are 8 tips to help you make the most of what’s left of the decent weather and avoid becoming a couch potato.

1. Meet up with friends

When you finish a long shift in work, sometimes all you want is your comfiest pair of PJs and a bottle of wine in front of the telly. Rather than falling into that trap again and again, why not plan in advance and schedule in some catch-ups with your best pals. 

Make the time to see old friends you haven’t seen in awhile or plan a night out on the town together. You can’t beat a good gossip.

2. Get yourself into a routine

Having a set routine and a regular bed time helps you spend less time in a daydream in front of the telly. If you try work out a schedule for yourself, you’ll end up being more productive with your day and get more things done. Organisation is key

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3. Try out healthier snacks

If you do decide to stay in and watch telly, try not reach for the chocolate, crisps or, worse yet, takeaway. Why not try out alternatives? Have popcorn instead of a big bag of crisps, snack on some fruit instead of bar after bar of chocolate. And why not get busy in the kitchen making your own egg fried rice and chips and leave the takeaway for the weekend? Baby steps is all you have to take.

4. Find a new hobby

There’s so many new and exciting things you can try out. If something tickles your fancy, why not give it a try? Go to your nearest dance class, try that cocktail making course out. You’ll make new friends and it’ll gets you out of your house.

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5. Attend an event in the city

There are so many cool and exciting events that are both cheap or better yet, free, to try out in Dublin city centre. Take advantage of this with the good weather. 

Why not try outdoor yoga in Dartmouth Square on Saturday morning? Or go see an outdoor movie in Merrion Square? The list is endless. You can check out some exciting things happening here.

6. Get yourself a gym buddy

Working out isn’t so tough when you have a friend by your side. You can push one another to keep going and don’t forget that exercising releases those ‘feel good’ endorphins. You’ll work on getting the perfect ‘bod’ and have someone to complain to after that spinning class who knows EXACTLY how you feel.

7. Try not binge watch a series 

TV series are great. They’re thrilling, exciting, they have your favourite actors. But most importantly, they’re extremely addictive. It is so easy to fall into the habit of binge watching series after series on Netflix in one sitting. And watching TV for so long means that you’ll inevitably start to get hungry and eat everything in sight. Those extra pounds are bound to start creeping on. Try to break up your habit and watch one or two episodes a day. If nothing else, it’ll make the much loved series last longer.

8. Try new things to unwind

We can all be guilty of looking at our phones for hours on end and claiming that it ‘relaxes’ us and helps us to chill out after a long day. Rather than becoming the ultimate couch potato, try out other ways to relax. Have a bath, put on a face mask and chill with some music. Or try cooking or baking helps you relax. If you do that, you’ll have something yummy to eat at the end. Bonus.

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