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08th Aug 2017

I Finally Bit The Bullet And Got My Teeth Professionally Whitened in Dublin


I, like many, had never been very fond of my teeth.

Not bad enough for braces, but not good enough to smile in photos – I was destined to live a life of a closed-mouth smile. I’d tried everything that promised me a better grin (even previous whitening attempts that failed to work) , but to no avail.

Until, I took a trip to Seapoint Dental. 

Assured by friends, reviews and countless questions answered by patient staff – I trusted that I was in the very safe hands of Rachael Elizabeth Byrne and her nifty machines.

Upon walking into the gorgeous waiting area, where there were bowls of apples on which to snack – I knew I was in seriously safe hands. 

I talked through everything, asking every question there is to ask, and was placed into a comfy chair with a massive TV in front of me. 

The whole thing lasted 45minutes to an hour (three rounds of fifteen minutes with the blue light machine, and details on after-care afterwards) and I could watch TV, email, read or just nod off in the safety of knowing that a deadly smile was en route. 

And, even though I think I’d enjoy actually being murdered than sharing a before-and-after picture of my smile, here she is:

Pjimage 2

I was ELATED. 

Everything looked better and healthier right away. And NO SENSITIVITY. I thought there had to be a catch – but nope. 

Informed that the next 24 hours had to be based around a ‘white diet’, I was a little concerned – but, my normal diet actually barely changed. Avoiding sauces and teas for a day was totally grand, and you can eat as much bread and butter as you want – huzzah!

Rachael went on to explain the take-home whitening kit, which involves two mouth trays moulded to your teeth so snugly that the idea of a lisp is laughable. The kit comes with two syringes, filled with whitening treatment that you dot onto each tooth groove in the two trays, and either wear throughout the day or sleep in.

You can get a good go of four/five times out of each syringe – so they’ll last you for a good while afterwards, if you feel you want a top-up at some stage. 

Whats App Image 2017 08 08 At 18 53 17
Whats App Image 2017 08 08 At 18 53 17 1
Whats App Image 2017 08 08 At 18 53 17 2
Whats App Image 2017 08 08 At 18 53 17 3

I was then sent on my merry way with a selection of goodies, from cups to pencils to information and sensitivity toothpaste. 

What more could you want?

Now, for the money part.

The whole thing, including take-home kit, comes in at €355.

Which seems like a lot – but it’s such an investment, and is probably the combined about of all the DIY take-home whitening kits (that never work) we’ve bought in pharmacies over the years. 

Right? Right. 

I couldn’t be happier with my treatment, and have used my trays once or twice before big events and loved the results. 

I never thought I’d fully smile in photos before – now here I am, beaming. 

Seapoint Dental is located at 23 Seapoint Avenue, Blackrock, County Dublin. 

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