Peter McVerry Trust Is Planning Homes For Thousands Of Homeless With A Five Year Plan

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


One of the Ireland's leading homeless charities is looking to give hundreds of the homeless people in our city a break, a house and a chance for them to own their own home, as a way of tackling the crisis.

The Peter McVerry Trust has launched its five-year strategic plan today, aiming to double its number of housing units over the next five years from 450 by 2020.

CEO Pat Doyle said they're looking to focus on a more long-term solution. 

We believe the best way of getting people out of homelessness is to give them a key to the door and to give them their own accommodation. Over the next five years, it's not that we will reduce our shelter homeless beds, but we will to increase our housing stock.

We want to be a position to offer housing to at least 450 individuals by 2020.


The main focus of the plan is to get young people and those leaving care or institutions into housing rather than temporary options.

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