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03rd Sep 2021

Celebrate International Bacon Day with this Bacon Bubble Tea

Katy Thornton

Yes, you read that right. Bacon. Bubble. Tea.

4th September marks International Bacon Day, and what better way to celebrate than enjoying some bacon, right? After all bacon tastes good with everything – french toast, pancakes, pizza. Why not stick it in some bubble tea?

Xi’an Street Food Redefining Noodles has teamed up with Deliveroo to offer such a beverage in honour of the day. They call it “the bodacious bacon bubble tea” and it will really prove who’s a true baconholic.

Image via Xian Street Food and Deliveroo

Lee Yintang of Xi’an Street Food, said: “At Xi’an Street Food we’re known for creating taste sensations and the Bodacious Bacon Bubble Tea is no exception.” 

The bubble tea is made with halal bacon infused ice-cream and popping pearls. It will be available from 4th-6th September from Xi’an Street Food.

So I guess there’s only one question left. Are you brave enough to try it?

Header image via Deliveroo and Xi’an Street Food

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