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12th Feb 2021

Dublin restaurants do their worst on THAT viral Weetabix challenge

Sarah Finnan


Weetabix pizza is not something I ever needed to see and one Dublin spot has proven me very right on that front. 

The whole thing kicked off when the Weetabix marketing team decided to share a photo of one way people can enjoy the popular breakfast cereal. Sparking widespread horror and outrage, the ‘meal’ in question comprised several Weetabix accompanied by a bowl of beans. Yes, really – see below.

Questioning “why should bread have all the fun”, the photo has since gone mega-viral online, with people all around the world sharing their own ghastly creations in response. Including Ruby’s Pizza & Grill in Dublin who have come up with a Weetabix-themed pizza, cocktail and sundae.

The word ‘violent’ comes to mind.

Originally challenged to create such a monstrosity by Hot Chix Dublin, their offering features lots and lots of fried chicken…. though no amount could compensate for the decision to replace burger buns with pieces of the popular breakfast cereal instead.

Thankfully, none of the above ‘delicacies’ are for sale but they’ll probably haunt my nightmares tonight all the same. Joey Tribbiani may think that custard, jam and beef go together, but I reckon even he’d have a problem with Weetabix pizza.

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