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23rd Sep 2022

Stay With Us café suffers ‘worst nightmare’ with break-in

Katy Thornton

stay with us café break-in

The café was able to reopen that same day.

Stay With Us café in Phibsborough, which has only been open for 4 months, shared the distressing news that they had suffered a break-in on Tuesday morning.

In an honest Instagram post, Stephen of Stay With Us said this of the experience:

So let’s talk about the break-in on Tuesday, I arrived to work at 6:20ish to see the shop had been burgled, they had lifted the shutter, broken the door and taken the till,

It’s not the money that is upsetting it’s the damages caused, the value in the till came to less then a fifth of what it took to repair the shop.”

Stephen acknowledged that it is every business owner’s “worst nightmare” to arrive into work and “see the shutter up and the door open.”

Stay With Us said that though they love Dublin and Phibsborough, “this is a reminder to ourselves and every other business and person, that we have to protect each other.”

The Phibsborough café managed to reopen just an hour after discovering the break-in, saying they were still able to have “a great day” and that the burglary was just “a little blip.”

If you’re in the D7 area over the weekend, or anytime soon, why not pop into them and show them so well deserved love.

Header images via Instagram/staywithuscafe

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