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11th Apr 2022

7 ways to entertain your kids over the Easter break

Katy Thornton

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It’s every kid’s dream, and every parent’s nightmare: Midterm!

Yes we get you love your kids, but two uninterrupted weeks with them at home is bound to give some parents 2020 homeschool tantrum flashbacks. Luckily we have a few ideas up our sleeves on how you can entertain your kids over the Easter holidays.

Pizza at Neat

Location: Smithfield & Fairview

It sounds basic, but pizza is always a shout. It’s easy to eat, everyone loves it, and Neat Pizza, which has two locations, are doing a limited edition Midterm Munchies menu, full of deals to satisfy your children’s appetites (without breaking the bank). You’ll quickly be winning best parent award.

Airfield Estate

Location: Kilmacud

Open every day from 9am to 5:30pm, Airfield Estate is hosting a range of activities to entertain your kids this Easter. They have a treasures trail, a felting work shop with the Easter Bunny, as well as some lambs and calves that are new to the farm. You can book and check out all that’s on offer at Airfield HERE.

Easter Trail at Malahide Castle

Location: Malahide

If you’re looking to do something seasonal, how about the Easter Trail at Malahide Castle? This event runs until the 24th April and is open daily. Plus you and the kiddos could be in with a chance of winning a giant egg. Tickets for a family of four cost €24 – book HERE.

Petting Farm at The Martello

Location: Bray 

Put this one in your diaries (and pack up the car or make a DART journey out to Wicklow). At the bandstand opposite The Martello in Bray there’s going to be a petting farm on the 13th April, ideal for young kids (I mean, I’m 26 and I lowkey want to visit).

Rainforest Mini Golf

Location: Dundrum

This is bound to keep the kids occupied for an hour or two (and exert energy so they’re tired later on). At Rainforest Mini Golf there are two different golf courses – you can choose to do one or both of them when you visit. They also have a ton of early bird deals for families to avail of; you can check them out HERE.

Trip to the National Gallery

Location: Merrion Square

Currently at the National Gallery of Ireland there are family tours, creative workshops and exhibitions – lots to explore on a family excursion.

Visit the new Red Panda Habitat at Dublin Zoo

Location: Dublin Zoo

It’s not a groundbreaking idea, but it’s always a winner. The Himalayan Hills Habitat at Dublin Zoo has just opened, and if going to see some red pandas and snow leopards doesn’t entertain your kids this Easter, I frankly don’t know what will.

So there you have it. It’s going to be a long two weeks, but there are plenty of ways to entertain your kids over the Easter holidays, some of which will even entertain you as well.

Header image via Instagram/airfieldestate

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