Famous Irish Celebrity Is Snubbing Girlfriend This Christmas For Temple Street Hospital

Apparently he's been doing this for the past nine years too...

Danny The Script

The Script frontman, Danny O'Donoghue has revealed that he won't be spending Christmas with his Brazilian girlfriend but instead will be visiting the sick children in Temple Street Hospital. 

The Dubliner has been visiting the hospital for the past nine years and helps to hand out gifts around the different wards.

The band as a whole were asked to call in in 2008 and it was an opportunity that O'Donoghue was more than happy to accept. 

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “So I went in one morning on my own and I met the porter, John, and I said, ‘Look I don’t even know what I am doing here, I just felt like coming in and helping out.'

"We have Santa and Santa’s helpers come around with us as well, there’s loads of guitars flying around, we’re all singing songs. Probably there from about 9 in the morning til about 2.

“[O'Donoghue's girlfriend will] be in Brazil, she spends it with her family every year, and obviously I just chill out here because I’ve got a lot of family here that would kill me if I didn’t.

“It’s a big tradition for me to come back here and do the Temple Street thing so if anybody was going anywhere, I think she’d have to come over here.

“She has loads of mates here, there’s a big Brazilian community here in college and working. I never even realised that. It’s probably one of the biggest destinations for Brazilians because the people are lovely."

Main image via The Script Instagram

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