All True 'Father Ted' Fans Need This T-Shirt In Their Lives

It's a tribute to the great Father Todd Unctious

Father Ted

If you're a Father Ted lover (and I'm betting you are cos you clicked on that headline) you'll surely be familiar with Father Todd Unctious.

Played by Gerard McSorley, the touchy-feely priest appeared in the classic Christmas episode of the Channel 4 series, impersonating a college mate of Ted's in order to get his hands on his coveted Golden Cleric Award.


And make Ted incredibly uncomfortable

Perhaps the scene he's best known for is when Mrs Doyle managed to guess his known in, oh, well under an hour.

Father Todd

The housekeeper of Craggy Island's parochial house lists a lot of names before she landed on Father Todd Unctious, and Old Skool Hooligans compiled them all on this brilliant t-shirt.

Perfect Valentine's Day present.

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