PIC: "Landlords Who Put Bunkbeds In Front Of Windows Like This Should Be Severely Fined"

People have been going crazy online about this "room"

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I mean, what can you say about the Dublin renting crisis that hasn't already been said.

This is just another example of terrible the whole thing is at the moment and it has no signs of getting any better.

Dublin Rental Investigator found this advertisement online and stated that "Landlords who put bunkbeds in front of windows should be severely fined".

It costs €350 per month to share this room in a house of 6. It's a males only house also.

"You'll be sharing the house with 4 Mexican students" and the three bed house is a 15 minute walk from the spire but it does not give the specific location.

Dublin Rental Investigator says that having bunkbeds in front of a window is a "fire safety" and as well as this, it's "best to have a solid wall behind your bed. When you sleep under a window, your personal energy tends to get weaker over time, as it has neither proper support nor protection."

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Darragh Berry

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