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PIC: Dublin Girl Does The Sneakiest Thing In Order To Get Her Hair Done For Free

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I’m a lad, I’m lucky. I can go into the barbers, get my haircut in less than 20 minutes flat and pay the same amount of euro for it.

However, if a girl wants to get her hair done, she needs to make sure that her schedule is cleared for the next couple of hours.

I don’t even ask the women in my life how much their hair costs because the fact that they’ve spent half the day in there must mean that they’ve parted with a month’s wages.

Seriously though, it costs a bomb so you can only imagine this Dublin girl’s delight when she managed to get her weave sorted out for absolutely nothing.

The way she went about doing it was completely sneaky but it’s also a system that could work for any Christmas present.

Asked my ma to go half’s [sic] on my hair with me but also asked my da, both said yes so here I am getting my hair done for free,” she said.

What an absolute evil genius.

The same could work for a phone, new pair of runners or even a new car if you’re that cheeky enough.

The aim of the game is to get in, get out, get the prize and have it all sorted before both of the buyers find out.

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