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The Wonderful Story Behind The Arnotts Christmas Windows

The magic of Christmas is alive and well on Henry Street

Standing in front of the new Christmas windows in Arnotts makes you feel like a child again, in the very best of ways. 

Not only are the displays absolutely incredible, but they are also totally interactive - meaning by placing your hands on the glass, everything kicks off, and magic starts to happen. This could mean anything from lights flickering to snow falling to Cracker spinning!

This is intended for children of course, but we observed just as many adults trying it out. 

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The windows tell the story of Cracker, Santa's newest reindeer, who has taken over a year to complete from start to finish. 

All Cracker wants to do is fly, and across all of the meticulously decorated windows in front of Henry Street's most prominent store, you'll see the story of how he does just that. 

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You'll have to experience them in person to get the full effect, but there are plenty of surprises including 1000s of giant lego blocks, My Little Ponies and plethoras of princesses along the way.

To finish the whole experience off, there is even a Crisp-mas Tayto sandwich shop, where hungry shoppers can indulge in a tasty crisp sandwich. 

A truly magical experience, for one and all. 

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Make it your priority to visit this Christmas season!

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