This Infographic Reveals Irish People's Worst Valentine's Date Nightmares

Apparently, Irish people REALLY don't like public displays of affection

Valentines Day Survey

This infographic reveals the top Valentine's date nightmares that drive Irish people crazy.

Conducted by, the survey found the top three worst things about going out for a date on Valentine’s Day, which are: getting stuck beside couples who indulge in excessive public displays of affection (30%), being within earshot of a couple having a cringe-worthy conversation (28%), and having to sit beside couples that are feeding each other across the table (28%).

The study also indicated that the main ways a Valentine's date can be ruined is if your date is rude to waiting staff (33%), takes a phone call during the date (29.5%), or is awkwardly silent (17.5%).

We concur that all that sounds like shite craic.

Check out the infographic in full below.

Vd Survey


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