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06th May 2017

This Trick Will Help You Make Perfect Poached Eggs In Seconds


Love poached eggs but always mess them up?

Fret not — the hero that is Jamie Oliver has come up with a genius food hack to conquer the tricky challenge of perfect poached eggs. 

Years of swirling boiling water and using far too much vinegar have brought us here.

The trick? Cling-film.

poached egg pockets!

Poaching is one of the most beautiful ways to prepare eggs, and when done correctly yields a perfect yolk and delicate but firm white! It can be slightly tricky to retain the perfect shape when poaching, but Jamie’s clever twist solves this problem: he uses clingfilm and a little olive oil to create individual egg-parcels, which are then dropped into the water to bob around while they cook. See how to make your own Jamie-style poached egg pockets below: #JamiesSuperFood

Posted by Jamie Oliver on Wednesday, 9 September 2015

It’s about feckin’ time we learned how to correctly poach an egg!

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