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Quick And Easy

20th Dec 2016

Match Day Potatoes For The Boys


  • 3 Large potatoes
  • 1 Packet of bacon lardons
  • Some cheddar cheese
  • 1 Tub of sour cream
  • 1 Bunch of spring onions
  • 1 White onion
  • 1 Bag of spinach (Or rocket)

This recipe places the humble potato as the central part of the dish with a gorgeous stuffing and an absolutely savage taste. I’m somewhat sexist when I call them match day potatoes for the boys because that assumes that girls don’t watch matches but you get my drift. These would work just as well for a movie night, having friends over or whatever group activity you are taking part in male or female. The real beauty is you can lash them together in advance and have them ready to just fuck in to the oven when the guests walk in the door. Cheep, cheerful, full of flavour and they’ll have your mates licking their lips looking for more.


Step 1

The ingredients are all very straight forward and you’ll get them in any local shop. You probably have half of them already


Step 2

Lash a bit of tinfoil on to an oven tray and pour some oil on it.


Step 3

Find three of the biggest baking potatoes you can find and place them on the tray. They either go in to the oven for 40 minutes on 180C or fuck them in to the microwave for about 8 minutes turning every couple of minutes if you are a lazy bastard


Step 4

Peel an onion. Not rocket science that


Step 5

Chop the fucker up as small as you possibly can


Step 6

Do the same with your spring onion. As fine and dainty as you possibly can.


Step 7

Lash a good generous amount of olive oil in to a pan


Step 8

Fuck in the finely chopped onion and the bacon lardons (these should come pre chopped). You want to cook these nice and slow over a medium heat. The smells should be driving your hose mates mad.


Step 9

After about 20 minutes in the oven turn the potatoes over so as they cook evenly and put them back in the oven


Step 10

When you come back they should be perfectly crispy on the outside but cooked through to the middle. Let the bastards cool down for a few minutes as they’ll be piping hot.


Step 11

Cut them in half lengthways and use a spoon to scoop out their insides


Step 12

Put the potato you scoop from the insides in to a bowl


Step 13

When your onions and bacon are starting to ooze flavour and get slightly crispy pop in the potato


Step 14

Cook it for a couple of minutes and then lash in the spring onions


Step 15

Take your stuffing mix off the heat and let it cool down


Step 16

Grab the spinach or rocket and place it on the chopping board. Chop the shit out of it so as it is in nice thin strips


Step 17

Add it to your stuffing


Step 18

Grate a good handful of cheddar cheese or whatever other nice cheese you’d like to add. Feel free to go a little wild here and add whatever you feel like


Step 19

Mix the whole thing together and you should have a savage stuffing


Step 20

Use a spoon to spread the mix between the potato skins that you earlier scooped out.


Step 21

If you haven’t fucked up any of the steps along the way your potatoes should look something like this. Lash them in to oven for about 5 minutes at 180C to heat it all back up again


Step 22

Take them out and serve them either on a big platter or on individual plates. All you need is a huge big dollop of nice sour cream on top and you are laughing.


Step 23

Sprinkle of a couple of the spring onions on top and BOOM that is you done.


This is the sort of recipe that you can put together in advance and impress your mates when you just pull it out of the oven. It tastes absolutely incredible. Why go to the pub and pay 10 quid each for a portion of these when you can spend a tenner and feed about 6 people. This is pub grub at it’s very best and you can sit back and enjoy the movie / match / chat knowing that you are pretty much a pro chef now! Well done!!!