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08th Mar 2017

The Very Best And Cleverest Signs From Today’s Repeal The 8th Events


Thousands of people took the the streets of Dublin today to stand up for women’s abortion rights and make their voices heard on the subject of the Eighth Amendment.

O’Connell Bridge was blocked off with crowds from lunchtime, and the Garden of Remembrance was full of people protesting the Eighth.

Not only was there an outstanding show of people in the marches, they also went ALL OUT with their signs.

Creative, smart, and standing up for what they believe in? Sometimes Irish people really are the best. 

(This was in Galway but so good it deserves to be included)

And finally… 25 years on, and women are still fighting for their bodily autonomy in Ireland

To each and every person who made these signs – you’re an inspiration.

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