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13th Nov 2018

Bono Got An Awful Lot Wrong During A Speech At The 3 Arena Over The Weekend

James Fenton

Dublin is home to countless famous faces who have made their mark internationally in the worlds of music, entertainment, sport and so many other industries. The likes of Brian O’Driscoll, Robbie Keane, Jim Sheridan, Colin Farrell, Boyzone and a whole lot more were born and raised here and the list could go on and on really.

Arguably the most globally-famous Dubliner in the music business is Bono, so you’d think he’d know a bit more about who’s who in our fair city. The U2 frontman was addressing the crowd at the 3 Arena on Saturday night and while he did acknowledge some of Dublin’s greats, he allegedly threw in some famous names who aren’t from Dublin at all.

According to Kieran Cunningham of the Irish Daily Star, Bono said:

“Blessed is Dublin, a great European city. The Dublin of Shane MacGowan, Jim Sheridan, Neil Jordan, Glen Hansard, Robbie Keane, Paul McGrath, Brian O’Driscoll, Katie Taylor, Mannix Flynn, and the Queen of Ireland, Panti Bliss.”

All well and good except Katie Taylor is from Bray, Panti Bliss hails from Co. Mayo and Shane MacGowan was born in England before moving to Tipperary. A son of Finglas himself, we’re sure Bono was just in the zone and got carried away so we’ll forgive him for this one.

Of course, people were quick to point out the error of Bono’s ways underneath the above post with comments ranging from ‘Katie claimed by foreigners again’ to ‘Justice for Mattress Mick!!!”

Looks like Bono will have to do more research before his next homecoming show.

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