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04th Nov 2018

PIC: Dubliner Gets “Pissed Off” With Bus Driver For Something That Was Completely His Own Fault

Darragh Berry

We’ve all missed our stop at one stage or another on Dublin Bus.

For some, you might miss it by one or two and for others, the damage might be worse.

This writer once fell asleep on the 16 going from the airport, fell asleep at Drumcondra, missed his stop at Harold’s Cross and rode it all the way to the very end.

The last thing that was needed after a weekend away with the lads.

But the misery landed on a Dubliner over the weekend who wanted to get off at Aungier Street.

He missed his spot, and unable to blame himself (even though it was 100% his fault), he had a go at the bus driver.

“Poor fella on the 15 bus, pissed off after missing his stop and getting shirty with driver.

‘I didn’t hear the stop for Anger Street or whatever the fuck it’s called!’

Aungier Street”

Funny that he wanted to go to Anger Street, because it sounds like he might have some problems with his anger…

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