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23rd Nov 2018

PIC: The Perfect Thing To Say When Someone Opens The Window On Dublin Bus When It’s Freezing

Darragh Berry

It’s not even funny how much colder the weather has gotten in the capital over the last few days.

Walking or cycling into work has gotten even harder because of the fecking torrential rain that has been following us around the place also.

So, for some, the bus has become their flavour of the month again but it does have one shitty downside.

There’s always one eejit who either doesn’t feel the cold or is just a full on ‘C U next Tuesday’ and feels the need to open the window on the bus.

For most of us, we’d get the hint if we opened the window and someone closed it immediately after us but these people are different breed.

They will fight for their right to leave the window as some sort of a sick and freezing statement.

But this person has the perfect response to anyone who feels the need to have a window open.

The tweet reads: “Sitting on the bus earlier and some geebag opened the window keep in mind this bus was freezing so the woman behind closed it straight away then the geebag says its only fresh air and the woman goes if you want fresh air get off and walk hahahahhahahahaha”


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