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30th Dec 2018

PIC: This Dublin Renting Ad Is So Horrible That It Was Taken Down Just Minutes After It Went Up

Darragh Berry

Now, in previous years if we came across an advertisement like this we’d be thinking that it was surely someone taking the piss.

But with this one, we’re just not so sure.

This advertisement was taken down after just minutes of being posted and that means that it was either a) a pisstake, b) it was taken down because of how terrible it is or sadly c) someone took the ‘vacancy’.

The ad was posted in Dublin Rent A Room/House/Apartment/Flat/Accommodation Facebook page and clocked up several likes and comments in the first few minutes before it disappeared.

Dublin Rent Tent 1

The tent is on offer for €200 and while most think that this advertisement was a joke, it’s still not a funny one with the renting crisis in the capital at the moment.