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11th Jun 2017

Your Favourite Childhood Movies Will Be Shown In This Dublin Cinema Next Month


If you’re a movie fan who’s still a child at heart, you’re gonna love the Light House Cinema’s programme of Films You’d Love Your Kids To See.

This is the third year running of the popular movie season, which features a collection of the best films from our childhood that we’d like the younger generation to enjoy as well.

That doesn’t mean this is just for kids mind, everyone who loves a good nostalgic popcorn fest is welcome.

Whether you’d like to revisit a film you loved as a young ‘un or you want to finally watch a classic that you’ve never gotten round to, there’s surely something in this list you’ll want to check out.

Personally I can’t wait to enjoy Jurassic Park as it was meant to be viewed: on the big screen.

The season starts in July and extends into August, here’s the full line-up of movies to expect.

ET. The Extra-Terrestrial

July 2, 3pm & 8.30pm 

July 3, 6pm 

July 6, 3pm & 8.30pm

The Princess Bride

July 8, 3pm & 10.30pm 
July 12, 3pm & 8.30pm 

The Goonies (35mm) 

July 15, 10.30pm 
July 16, 3pm 
July 19, 3pm & 8.30pm 


July 22, 10.30pm 
July 23, 3pm 
July 26, 3pm & 8.30pm

My Girl

July 28, 10.30pm 
July 30, 3pm 
August 2, 3pm & 8.30pm 

Jurassic Park

July 29, 3pm & 8.30pm 
August 1, 3pm & 8.30pm


July 31, 6.30pm 


August 4, 10.30pm
August 5, 3.00pm
August 10, 3pm & 10.30pm

The Addams Family/Addams Family Values DOUBLE BILL

August 5, 4pm

The Addams Family 

August 23, 3pm & 8.30pm 

Addams Family Values 

August 24, 3pm & 8.30pm 

Batman Forever

August 8, 3pm & 8.30pm

Back To The Future Trilogy MARATHON

August 12, 3pm 

Back To The Future 

August 15, 3pm & 8.30pm 

Back To The Future II

August 16, 3pm & 8.30pm 

Back To The Future III 

August 17, 3pm & 8.30pm 

The Wizard of Oz

August 25, 10.30pm
August 26, 3pm & 8.30pm
August 27, 6pm
August 30, 3pm & 8.30pm 

Mary Poppins

August 28, 6.30pm 

If anything from that list tickles your fancy, just click HERE to book your tickets at the Light House Cinema in Smithfield.

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