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22nd Nov 2018

PIC: A Really Cruel Autocorrect Left This Girl Bawling Crying In Liffey Valley

Darragh Berry

Autocorrect is a very cruel thing.

First of all, it constantly turns fuck into duck no matter how many times we correct it back to the curse word.

Trying to spell something like Darragh will forever turn into ‘farradh’ even though my phone knows what my name is because it will auto-write it when it comes to paying for a train ticket or parting with money.

And then sometimes, in the most serious of matters, it can really turn a situation completely upside down.

This poor girl was left in bits following an autocorrect mishap. Her grandad is in hospital and she text her mother to see how he was getting on…

“My Granda was brought into hospital this morning and I text my mam to see how he was, she meant to reply saying ‘he’s home’ but it autocorrected to ‘he’s gone’ here’s Niamh sobbing in Liffey valley car Park cause her ma can’t proof read texts,” she tweeted.

Andddd, going from one extreme to another, journalist Sarah-Jane Murphy was left with egg on her face when her phone decided to change her nice compliment into a flirty advance…

How is she going to explain that while she doesn’t think he’s not good-looking, she didn’t mean to say he was good-looking either…

Best of luck with that.

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